Brief Profile

History – Location

Multi Technical – Design – Energy - Consultants is a European Private Company (SPE) established in 2009 with a branch in Athens and its head office in Alexandroupolis. 


The main purpose is to form a competitive firm which will solve technical issues in the built environment.

Current Status

Today, Multi SPE is regarded as a dynamic presence in Greece with main purpose being the provision of Consulting Services for Technical and Managerial Support.




Multi SPE has developed an extensive network of partners nationwide and abroad, who are utilized in accordance with the nature and needs of each project. The company’s highly trained and experienced personnel form the basis of its success.


The Administration is governed by speed in decision-making and action measures, with a high level of commitment to the team and client. The customer centered culture ensures effective communication and collaboration, adapting and continuously improving the latest management techniques, which overall guarantee solvency, consistency and increase the rate of value for money.